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What Are NA Meetings?

by Patrick Bailey

 Narcotics Anonymous, or NA meetings, are 12 Step meetings for those who are struggling with an addiction to drugs and have the desire to quit. Essentially, NA is a support group based on certain steps and principles that are known for helping addicts get free from the compulsion to use or abuse drugs.


Who Attends NA Meetings?

Anyone who is abusing a drug or has become dependent on a drug is welcome to attend NA meetings. The drugs vary widely and include legal and illegal drugs, including prescriptions like pain pills or benzos, or illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, crack meth, and so on.

What Happens at an NA Meeting?

NA meetings are held in many cities across the world. You’ll find meetings in various types of buildings, like churches, recreation centers, or some other type of building. A group of people attends a meeting and that meeting will follow a particular structure. One person will lead or facilitate the meeting, oftentimes called the chair or facilitator of the meeting.

The beginning of a meeting usually starts with a big welcome and readings from NA literature. The 12 Steps and 12 Principles of Narcotics Anonymous will be read, as well as other literature deemed appropriate by each group. Once the readings are finished, the meeting is opened up for group discussion.

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