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5 Unique Characteristics Of An Impressive Airline Logo Design

by Patrick Bailey

Whenever you plan to fly with an airline, what factors influence your choice? Whether you’re flying for business purposes or a family picnic, you just don’t satisfy with an airline with the cheapest tickets.

Surely, at more than 30,000 feet above the earth, you want an airline with a superb safety record, the most comfortable seats, and decent in-flight services. But there is something more and special that flyers also consider, the logo design! Why do some logos capture your mind for long after the flight? Curious to know?

Keep reading as here we’re going to explain some traits of an unforgettable airline logo design.

Unique Tagline

The tagline tells the overview and vision of any business. A debate on whether an airline logo design needs a tagline or not is still carving among branding professionals.

But, regardless of your personal perception, a crafty tagline, no doubt, gives a solid edge and can make an airline logo design even more distinctive. A tagline makes the custom logo memorable, especially when placed alongside other airline logo designs without taglines.

Colourful Message

Correctly use of colours leave a lasting brand impression on the audience. It’s a powerful tool that makes surfaces of logo design beautiful to the eye. Perfect airline logo designs have color combinations that send certain messages to their customers.

These colours finally become part of your prospective customers’ memory. Just like when we think about American Airlines, our mind recalls the blue, white, and red colour which become a part of our memory. For this reason, all big names of the aviation industry have a wise colour selection.

Simple And original

Simplicity is one of the most important traits of an impressive airline logo design. A simple logo is always a killer logo and pleasant to look at.

However, it’s not all about simplicity, flyers should also be able to identify and observe the mark of creativity and originality. Decent and loyal customers prefer simple and original values rather than fancy and complex airline logo designs.

Natural Effect

Every human being loves nature and flying up in the high clouds is a good way to experience it. Birds have always inspired the natural design and layout of our planes. Airline logo designs with natural effects remind passengers of the relationship between mankind and nature.

It’s an attribute that enables them to stand out and makes them unforgettable. For instance, The American Airlines logo contains an eagle which naturally represents the soaring spirit of the American citizens.


People love new trends and modern implications. Old is gold but every old thing can’t give benefit especially in this digitalized age. Innovation also includes being different from the competitors.

The airline logo design should be updated with the latest techniques which will add glamour to the overall look. You must get a unique, simple, innovative, and natural-looking airline logo design to stand out in a crowd of logo designs.

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