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Top 10 Best Story Mode Games You Must Try In 2022

by Alisha Jones

Nowadays, you can find a lot of youngsters around the globe who are video game freaks. Some only like to play story mode games. Generally, story mode games contain several levels or missions. However, they are all based on a single story.

Story mode games have already gained a lot of importance in the global video game market due to their demand. This phenomenon started nearly 5 to 6 years ago, and now it is still increasing.

If you are a story mode video game enthusiast, this article is for you. As you know, the Pacman anniversary has passed 41, consider it high time to try some new video games. Have a look at the following list.

Top Best Story Mode Games In 2022

As a story mode video gamer, you need to turn yourself into the game’s main character. So, it would be best if you relate totally to the protagonist. In the following list, you can learn about the best modern story video games. Go through the article and decide the one to purchase in 2022. 

1. The Walking Dead,  Season 1

The Walking Dead was initially a comic that later turned into a game for console and PC. Moreover, a TV series of the same name also has many similarities with the comics.

In Walking Dead, Season 1, the core occurrence of the zombie apocalypse remains the same. However, the storyline is fantastic and slightly similar to the TV series.

If you are into action games, choose Walking Dead, Season 1, a must-play in 2022. It has outstanding graphics and responses. You can play this game both on PC and Xbox.

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2. Lone Wolf

Are you into sniper guns? Well, 2020 is here, and it’s time to have some good aim. Lone Wolf is a Sniper-Assassin game that can give you immense pleasures as you snipe men on their heads. This game has a daunting story where the protagonist is an assassin.

However, you must not play it with a soft heart. Lone Wolf contains much fierce graphic content that can leave you in awe. Moreover, the scientific approach to development makes this game more realistic.

You can download the Lone Wolf game on your PC for free. However, some in-app purchases might lead you to some spendings.

3. GTA: San Andreas 2

The GTA San Andreas would have much acclaim when it comes to story video games. You can play this game if you have no experience. Well, this can turn you into CJ (The central character) of this game. 

Moreover, you would get a glimpse of the life of a gangster living in San Andreas. Furthermore, the new version of the game has outstanding graphics. Finally, you can get to use a lot of fire and non-firearms as you play this game.

Another exciting thing about this game is the presence of several gaming cheats. These cheats can unlock weapons and vehicles, making the gameplay more daunting.

4. Life Is Strange

The LIfe is Strange video game is based on different characters and is available in multiple episodes. This is an adventure game where you need to decide your movies according to the virtual environmental conditions. Moreover, there are available items to collect and play the game.

Life of Stange’s availability on iOS, Android, PS4, and Xbox One makes it a well-accessible game. In addition, the second part of the game is available in the PC version, Xbox One, and PS4 version.

Choose this one if you are into adventure story mode games in 2022.

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5. Oxenfree

Oxenfree is yet another story mode game where a set of kids quest for the truth on a mysterious island. Choose this game if you desire to enjoy fear while having fun. You can fully concentrate on the game as there are no cutscenes. Oxenfree is available in PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Android, and iOS versions. 

6. World War Z: Aftermath

World War Z is a famous game that you can try in 2022. This is a zombie-shooter game that has an outstanding story. World War Z: Aftermath is one of the best games on the MacBook. The story episodes in this game are intense as they have high-definition graphics.

7. Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney has an enriched history of being an adventure game available in the visual novel format. There are ten titles, a film and an anime by the same name. Here, you would play the game as an attorney and execute a case investigation. Your goal to complete the game would be to determine the truth.

Ace Attorney is available on iOS and Android in several titles. On the other hand, the HD version of the game is only compatible with the iPhone. Although an old game, Ace Attorney can provide you with the necessary thrill if you play it in 2022.

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8. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit is a modern action game that you can play in 2022. This game is famous for its story alternation. As a gamer, you would always get a chance to enhance your decision-making skills as you play this game. Detroit: Become Human is available for PC and PS4.

 9. Firewatch

Firewatch is one of the top-ranking story mode video games with a first-person setup. You would get the name Henry while playing the game. The main goal is to look for fire and interact with the seniors. This game can be the best for you in 2022 as you enter the world of adventure games. 

10. The Last of Us

The Last of Us is a passionate-adventurous story mode video game. You can play it in 2022 as another zombie-killing platform. You can enjoy both fun and sadness while playing The Last of Us. Unfortunately, for now, the game is only available on PS4. A second part is, however, under development.

Final Words

The world of story mode video games is getting enriched daily due to multiple new releases. You can check the list and choose the best one for you. All these games are pretty affordable, and for some, even free versions are available. So, as a video game freak, you get a chance to make your 2022 memorable by playing all the games given here.

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