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6 Ways to Make Use of Ranch House Style

by Paul Mera

As the most dominant American home-style prevalent from California to New Jersey through the 1950s-1960s, the traditional Ranch house is making a resurgence. Known for its emphasis on open space with few interior walls, the popular style has been reinvented to fit with the changing times. Whether remodeling an older ranch home or building a new ranch model, here’s how to blend the traditional style with modern decor.

Originally, ranch-style home designs are single-story homes, including an open-concept floor plan and a patio space. An ideal home will have an open-concept living space, a nice functional kitchen area, and plenty of storage, having numerous indoor and outdoor items. But this specific American style home has a unique indoor-outdoor configuration.

See how this once popular American home style is making a comeback, with a redesign to fit the times. Here are six ways you can bring your ranch house current with the times.


Ranch homes usually include a large entryway. To transform the traditional space into something chic, look to make the space as bright and elegant as possible while maintaining the integrity of the home. By adding an upholstered bench or built-in shelving for shoes and jackets, the space feels warm and inviting yet also modern. Adding a mirror will reflect the space’s natural light, which will make the area feel larger. Additionally, the entryway is the perfect space to add in smart home technology with complete home security.

Wood Fixtures

Adding in wood fixtures like wood beams, textured wood wainscoting, or wood window frames elevates the space’s style. These simple touches yield a unique space that embraces traditional style but reflects a modern twist. Exposed wood presents a more masculine industrial space, while painted wood offers a more feminine touch.

Dining Room

Since Ranch homes are open, often the dining room and living room are one large space. This allows for a delineation of space with the use of statement furniture. Large, family-style dining room tables with bench seating bring about charm in a subtle manner. It feels homey and rustic yet chic, for large wood dining tables are all the rage. Mixing the wood texture with an elegant chandelier pulls the space together to feel elegant yet friendly.


Ranch style homes usually have large, open windows. The windows should be the focal point of the room, for they make the space feel open and airy. Accent the windows with white wood shutter blinds or tall paneled curtains that can be open during the day yet closed for privacy at night. If possible, look to switch out some of the windows for French doors that lead outward. When entertaining, it allows the outdoor and indoor space to feel like one large area.


As the heart of the home, the kitchen needs to be functional yet stylish. Stick with white or light cabinets because the space will feel large and open. Be creative with the cabinets by going with custom-built cabinets, using a mixture of closed cabinets and glass cabinets, or going with exposed cabinet shelving.


To keep in theme with the Ranch style, elevate the exterior by updating the look with new siding or shingles, stone or wood column accents, and lantern light fixtures. To keep in line with the look, replace old windows with new grille windows that are accented with window frames or boxes. Lastly, use deep wood doors or colored doors to add a pop of color to the outside of the home.

Final Words

Someone who has visited any of the suburbs of the country has probably seen this sort of home. The connection between interiors and exteriors defines this architectural style where no specific line resides between the two. Cross-ventilation, courtyard, and the corridor in the exterior – these all allow your everyday outdoor living sort of feeling with proper sunshine coming to you.

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