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Easy Guide to Purchase the Best Air Conditioning System for Your House

by Evan Javier

Due to global warming and climate change, the temperature of the earth is rising day by day. There was a time when the air conditioning system was considered to be a luxury item. But not air conditioning systems have become a necessity for every household. Are you also planning to buy an air conditioner to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house throughout the year? There are so many options available in the market when it comes to air conditioning, from central air conditioning to portable or window ACs, and ductless mini-split systems among others. So, which one is the best air conditioning system for you? For that, you will need expert step-by-step guidance on how to choose the right air conditioner that caters to all your needs.

Look For These Points While Making a Purchase…

We have compiled a few of the most important factors that you must consider while purchasing an air conditioning system for your home. These tips will help you to choose an air conditioner that will meet your requirement and budget. So, read further and choose an AC that has everything you need.

1. Energy Efficiency

Most people are torn between buying a high-efficiency air conditioner and a low-efficiency air conditioner. A high-efficiency machine is, therefore, more costly. However, it can pay for itself over time due to lower operating costs. On the other hand, a low-efficiency air conditioning system is cheaper on price, but the electricity bills can make a hole in your pocket. Though it seems tempting to buy a low-efficiency AC at a lower rate, spending a few hundred dollars extra can save you a lot in a long run.

Air conditioners are usually labelled with a star rating to denote their energy efficiency. The more the stars, the more energy-efficient your air conditioning system will be. However, most ducted systems do not display energy ratings. An energy star rating will also help you determine the annual electricity consumption. So don’t forget to check the star rating of the system before making any purchases.

2. The Climate

The whole point of buying an air conditioner is to keep you comfortable when you are at home. If the temperature outside is hot and humid, the air conditioning has to keep the temperature cool and if the weather outside is cold then the air conditioning system has to keep the temperature warm inside the house. This means you have to look for an air conditioning system based on the climatic conditions.

In countries where the climate of particular regions is vastly different from other regions, a specific air conditioning system will be effectively useless. For example, an evaporative air cooler is not the right choice for high humidity areas since excess moisture will form inside the cooling unit. In such a case, a refrigerated cooling system is the right choice. It is always advisable to discuss your requirements with the expert professionals, and they will suggest to you the best suitable system for your needs.

Air Conditioner

3. Single Room or the Entire House

What exactly is the point of installing an air conditioner in your home? Are you looking to cool a single room or your whole home? Such inquiries will assist you in determining the type of air conditioning system that you need.

A window AC or a split system is apt for cooling a single room. However, if you intend to cool your entire house then a ducted air conditioning system is what you will need. If you are planning to buy a split system air conditioning system, then don’t forget to consider your room size.

4. The Layout

One of the key considerations while choosing an air conditioner is its cooling output. The cooling capacity is usually measured in kilowatts. Selecting an air conditioner that has the wrong capacity for the size of your room will lead to increased power consumption and poor cooling performance.

Various factors such as insulation, ceiling height, natural light, and roof type contribute to choosing the right capacity of the air conditioner. It is best to have a certified AC installer assess your house so that he can recommend the right capacity air conditioning system.

For most people, the noise generated by an air conditioner is a significant factor. A few air conditioners produce a lot of internal noise, which can be distressing and prevent people from sleeping. The quietest air conditioning system is a ducted or split system.

Last but not least, reliability is a major factor. Generally, the major brands have a reputation for being the most reliable. So, choose an air conditioning system with a warranty and a brand that is known for its after-sales service. Do your research and compare different brand, their features and price. Once you find the best suitable system for your house, you will be enjoying a comfortable atmosphere for years to come!

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