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Effectiveness Of Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

by Patrick Bailey

There are several good reasons why hypnotherapy is considered as one of the best options to quit smoking. The meta-study consisting of 600 studies showing that the hypnotherapy is fifteen times successful as the technique of cold turkey and three times better than the nicotine replacement therapy. 

But there are even better reasons for using hypnotherapy and the best of all reasons is that you are a human being and most of your smoking reasons are human reasons, not some brain addiction. You must realize that most of the daily cigarette consumptions are related to people, places, times as well as events. 

Unknown Facts About Smoking

You relax on your outdoor balcony and you light up, not because you’re suddenly deficient in nicotine but only because you have a smoking association with that particular balcony and most likely that specific chair in your balcony. So, you usually end up smoking whenever you go and relax on the balcony of your house. 

If you take a walk outside and reach your balcony and sit on that chair you will probably smoke for sure because this is exactly what you have done numerous times in your lifetime. 

In case you are trying to analyze your daily smoking habits, you would certainly realize that most of the cigarettes are surely connected with something else very much interrelated with your lifestyle. 

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The various researches reveal that the perfect way of creating a new habit is to link the desired habit with some other common activity. Over the passage of time, we tend to establish these new habits. 

Your smoking is exactly the same. You smoke when on the phone or driving or during the consumption of coffee or with a glass of alcohol/wine. All of these are nothing but just habits that have been re-enforced countless times unless it feels like you cannot do these things without a cigarette and this is why this feels so difficult to quit smoking all of a sudden. 

How Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Becomes Helpful?

Quit smoking hypnotherapy goes to the heart of these kinds of habits. The difference is that while this takes some time to make your smoking connections or even some positive habit stick, hypnotherapy will allow you to let go of those smoking habits usually in one or two sessions. The best news is that quit smoking hypnotherapy is completely stress-free as well as pain-free for those who are adopting this technique. The sole requirement is that you would have to incorporate the desired change and that you have to commit yourself fully to the process.

After quitting smoking, there may be a brief period when doing your regular things feels like a little odd without smoking. But you should necessarily remember that every day you are a non-smoker, you are strongly re-enforcing new habits in your life such as sitting on your home’s balcony without a cigarette and maybe replacing it with a cup of tea or a glass of beer. 

In order to make the quit smoking hypnotherapy easier, you can bring in a new chair on your house’s balcony. While this may appear or seem trivial to you, being creatures of habit little things can indeed make a lot of difference in your life. 

During the process of quit smoking hypnotherapy, a patient is often asked to imagine unpleasant results or outcomes from smoking. For e.g. – the hypnotherapist might suggest that cigarette smoke smells like truck exhaust, or that smoking will leave the patient’s mouth fee extremely parched. 



The three major ideas on which quit smoking hypnotherapy works are smoking poisons the body, you need your body to live and you should respect your body adequately and protect it. This simple therapy technique has proved to be very effective for millions of patients who were hardcore smoking addicts. 

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