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The Importance of Having your Gut Microbiome Checked!

by Patrick Bailey

Did you know that an entire ecosystem of microbes’ flourishes in the tissues of your body? You are cohabiting with millions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that are not restricted to your gut (as is a common belief) alone. This effectively means that in order to remain healthy, your body has to remain in perfect equilibrium with the microbiome prevailing in your system. Your gut microbiome is what you should pay the utmost attention to in order to keep yourself in the pink of health. As per experts in medical sciences, the most complicated of all microbial population exists in your gastro-intestinal tract.

Ways of Improving the Condition of your Gut

Stress, urban lifestyle concerns, and fast food habits are leading to several health-related problems in people. The main reason behind their poor health can be attributed to the wrong kind of food eaten on a day-to-day basis. Given the important role that gut microbiome plays in your body’s metabolic system, you have to know how they are functioning. To meet this end, it is recommended that you have the gut microbiome tested intermittently. The results will tell how the food ingested by you is impacting the microbes’, and in turn, your health. 

Dysbiosis of the gut microbiome is one of the biggest concerns of modern times that has to be ascertained through proper diagnosis and nipped in the bud. Gut tests can guide your selection of the most beneficial food for you. As per experts, it is essential to maintain the good health of your gut at all times through food and exercise – this article explains the importance of doing so. The unique balance of gut microbiome has to be maintained to keep digestive upsets and a host of intestinal problems at bay. These days, it is common to find diagnostic companies performing a variety of gut intelligence tests to curtail microbiome imbalance. Once the problem is detected, it’s important to take the right steps to keep your health in order. 

Tell-Tale Signs that Say “Test your Microbiome!”

Digestive issues are not the only pointers to the imbalance existing in your gut microbiome. There are several other signs and symptoms that indicate the same. You will be surprised to note that most of these symptoms are unexpected and may not be confined to your gastrointestinal tract. They can lead to a series of signs and symptoms – ranging from poor mental health to autoimmune disorders and more. Here are some key symptoms to consider:

  1. Troubled sleep – In all probability, you are finding it difficult to associate poor sleep with gut microbiome imbalance. However, do know that this imbalance can lead to your serotonin levels going haywire in the brain, thereby causing sleep-related issues. 
  2. Stomach Upsets – Most stomach problems are directly related to imbalances in the digestive tract. Be it constipation, bloating, stomach pain, or diarrhea, testing your microbiome will help in pinpointing most stomach problems. 
  3. Anxiety – The flora balance of your gut also impacts the dopamine and serotonin levels of your body. Your mental health is regulated to a large extent through these hormones. Any imbalance in them can lead to mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and other agonizing disorders. 
  4. Autoimmune problems – Any type of inflammation in your body can affect the immune system drastically. They may be the cause of concerning situations such as lupus or fibromyalgia.  Gut testing is important to detect any microbiome imbalance that can lead to such autoimmune problems. 

What Does Microbiome Gut Testing Show?

Generally, gut tests are conducted to identify and quantify the level of living microorganisms (bacteriophages, archaea, fungi, yeast, parasites, bacteria, viruses, and more) in your gut – both at the strain and species level. RNA sequencing of the received test samples, through higher-resolution views, is conducted to perform these tests for the microbiome. 

Gut Check: The Importance of Gut Health

The importance of finding out about gut health, and maintaining it at all times, cannot be undermined in any way. Given this, invest in all necessary steps to better your gut biome. Improve your diet and exercise regime on the basis of your test results. For instance, start eating vegetables, beans, legumes, fruits, and fiber-rich food to promote good bacteria. Limit the use of artificial sweeteners. Include fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut to add good bacteria. Pro-biotic foods such as artichokes, oats, and apples should also make it to your diet. Exercise more. Overall, do everything possible to enjoy a good feeling in your gut. 

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