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Why You Should Create a YouTube Channel to Promote your Services as a Healthcare Professional

by Patrick Bailey

E-commerce has been a growing economic platform for a number of years now. Along with this development, online marketing has also been a popular mechanism to promote a product or service.

To promote something online effectively, several platforms are being considered, including the video-sharing app YouTube. Advertisers have recognized it as an effective tool to make something known to all potential customers. In the healthcare industry, do you know that YouTube can also be utilized?

If you are a rehabilitation therapist, for instance, you can actually maximize the existence of YouTube in gaining more clients and getting more recognition from peers.

You may now be asking why you should look at this platform to improve your standing. The following are some of the many reasons why you should create a YouTube channel to promote your services as a healthcare professional:

YouTube has over 1 billion followers and users.  

First and foremost, YouTube has 1.5 billion users all over the world, a report revealed. And it is even expected to reach 1.86 billion by end of 2021.

Second, a study conducted in 2017 revealed that 73 percent of the identified respondents are willing to spend $5 each month just to access the app. Third, a separate survey disclosed that at least 90 percent of the entire population of the United States have used YouTube at some point. Moreover, half of the Americans who are using mobile devices shared that they access YouTube every day. Some even admitted to accessing it more than once a day.

With these relevant data, one can surely see how vast the opportunities are if YouTube is used for marketing purposes. Thus, having a regular channel in this platform can help you generate more clients and win their trust.

It is a platform to demonstrate products and services.  

As a rehabilitation therapist, you do not have a tangible product that you can sell to customers from different market segments and locations. However, when you have a YouTube channel, you can make every potential client “experience” what it is like to take advantage of the services you offer.

It can help you demonstrate your expertise.  

Considering the numerous healthcare providers around, you must be exemplary enough to gain the trust of clients. How could you demonstrate this then if the clients are not paying you a visit? This is when YouTube can be of great help.

Your channel can be the perfect platform to show your expertise. It can likewise be a venue for you to share what you are capable of giving to those who want to address their alcoholism and drug addiction.

It gives you the opportunity to display your capability to solve certain problems.  

For someone who is fighting alcohol or drug abuse, it is important that he or she gets guidance on how to appropriately address the addiction. By maintaining a YouTube channel, you as a rehabilitation specialist can share specific strategies on how to solve their problems.

It helps you build an image of being an authority in the healthcare profession.  

YouTube is has been known as the second largest online search engine, next to Google. In short, it can really help you create an image that exudes your expertise and your authority in the field of medical rehab.

Since customers’ attitude these days, in terms of advertising or marketing, is leaning towards those that are interactive and engaging, YouTube is the answer. You can produce a material that spells out your views and your company’s track record can provide an air of authority.

To further build your image, you can also feature a few clips of your past clients’ testimonies. A testimonial type of ad can be the most fitting strategy to establish your expertise.

It is more engaging compared to other media forms.  

Videos are one way of making your target audience more interested in what you are doing. Considering the attention of span and the busy lifestyle of many internet users, it is highly important to produce a promo material that is both interesting and engaging.

Being a healthcare professional, it is crucial that you let your existing and potential clients or patients understand the process of helping them recover. Through YouTube, you can share a video or a set of clips that encapsulate the step-by-step procedure of treatment or rehabilitation. Therefore, they do not need to read numerous pages just to get an idea about the treatment. They are not bored as well with humongous technical jargons.

In the meantime, your followers and viewers can also leave feedback or comment. From there, you can respond accordingly and engage them into a fruitful discussion online.

It is more than just a marketing pitch.  

A marketing pitch is aimed at generating more sales for the company. Nevertheless, there is more you can benefit from it. You can use your YouTube channel to build your credibility as a rehabilitation therapist or a healthcare provider.

Being an engaging platform, the comments posted by viewers can be a testimony as well of your reputation. The positive reviews can be your strong marketing pitch to encourage more clients and patients and generate higher sales. Better credibility means a bigger income for you and your company.

How to Improve Online Presence via YouTube  

On the other hand, here is a list of techniques on how to improve your online presence via your very own YouTube channel:

Pick the most appropriate keywords.  

Using the right keywords is crucial if you want your YouTube channel to generate great traffic. You have to be familiar with the most used keywords when internet users search for something related to rehabilitation and recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. In a nutshell, a rehabilitation therapist must be keen in choosing the right keyword to be used in the title and description of the posted YouTube video in your channel.

Choose the most interesting thumbnails.  

When uploading a video online, there is a big chance that there are several others with the same keywords as yours. To address this, use a thumbnail that is interesting and eye-catching. By doing so, you can draw users to click yours more than the others’.

Optimize your channel by maximizing your presence.  

Creating your own channel is not yet the end of your presence on YouTube. You need to take time to optimize it in order to maximize the gains. You should take advantage, therefore, of the benefits that your YouTube channel can give you. For example, you can write about your brand and give a clear and simple explanation of your goals and commitment as a rehabilitation therapist.

Never forget the call to action.  

You must not ignore your chance of driving more traffic to your page. Putting a call to action at the end of each post must be considered all the time. By doing this, you can get more subscribers and viewers. It can help you, too, in generating more likes and comments.

Promote your YouTube channel on all other platforms.  

You surely have a Facebook and an Instagram account, Facebook page and a website. Make sure that you promote your YouTube channel on all these platforms. Yes, you can include your YouTube channel in the call to action of your posts in the other platforms.

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