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How Is Hydrocodone Different From Oxycodone?

by Patrick Bailey

The most commonly prescribed and abused substances in this world are opiates. While these do have a purpose in the medical field, there are far too many people using them for recreational purposes. There are many kinds of opiates. Two of the most common opiates are hydrocodone and oxycodone. While both of these are opiates, there are still some differences with them.

 Both hydrocodone and oxycodone have been prescribed for treating pain ranging from moderate to severe. While both of these drugs should be used only as they have been prescribed, there are still millions who misuse them. Misuse of either of these drugs can cause an addiction. The good news is there are abuse-deterrent kinds for both these medications. Hydrocodone is not only used for treating pain. It can be helpful in suppressing cough as well. Both these drugs have a dependency risk, but this risk is higher with oxycodone. In fact, oxycodone ranks in the highest opiates abused throughout the country. The cost of oxycodone is higher as well. Generally, it costs twice as much as hydrocodone. If you have abused either of these drugs, Elite Rehab Placement has treatments available to treat the addiction.

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