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What Are The Various Types Of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms?

by Patrick Bailey

The number of hallucinogenic mushrooms ranges in the thousands. However, Psilocybin mushrooms or “magic mushrooms” are the ones known for causing the most hallucinogenic effects. Over 180 hallucinogenic mushrooms exist in this world. Each of the different kinds of mushrooms contain some amount of psilocybin and psilocin. This is what causes the psychedelic effects.

What Are The Most Commonly Known Hallucinogenic Mushrooms?

The list below are some of the most common and well-known types of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

  • Mexican mushrooms – Large, common Psilocybe and known for being as one of the largest types of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Has brown-reddish cap and a yellow or white stem. The Mexican mushrooms can grow on cow dung when the climate is moist.
  • Psilocybe cubensis – This type of mushroom is also known as a golden cap. If you have become addicted to this type of mushroom, Elite Rehab Placement has a program to help you out.
  • Psilocybe baeocystis – These mushrooms are also known as potent Psilocybe or blue bells. When these mushrooms are fresh, they have a brown stem and the cap is a darker brown. This type of mushroom will grow on peat and rotting logs, usually in the fields.
  • Psilocybe pelliculosa – This type of mushroom is also known as a liberty cap. It doesn’t have a conical, narrow cap. It is also one of the weakest hallucinogenic mushrooms.
  • Psilocybe semilanceata – This hallucinogenic mushroom is also known as the liberty bell. It is generally found in damp and grassy fields. Animals generally graze in these areas, but this type of mushroom won’t grow on any dung. These mushrooms are smaller with a yellow or light brown, fine pointed cap. Sometimes this type of mushroom can be confused with the Psilocybe pelliculosa.

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